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Thanks to the Web, it is much easier today to get copies of needed specifications and standards. Access to the document will vary, depending upon whether the specification or standard was prepared by a government organization or a private organization, and whether or not it is publically accessible or its distribution is restricted. Standards in the public domain (such as military and federal specifications and standards) may be freely downloaded from official government websites. Although occasionally available for free downloading from the developer's website, proprietary standards developed by non-government standards bodies usually must be purchased, either directly from the sponsoring organization's website or from the website of a vendor licensed to distribute those documents. Let's consider several key categories of specifications and standards:
1.  Defense Standardization Program (DSP) Documents include DoD or federal specifications or standards, military specifications (MIL-PRF-xxx, MIL-DTL-xxx), military standards, military handbooks, commercial item descriptions (CIDs), qualified product lists (QPLs), qualified manufacturers lists (QMLs), guide specifications, Joint Service Specification Guides, data item descriptions (DIDs), and other documents used in the Defense Standardization Program, such as international standardization agreements and DoD notices of adoption of non-Government standards.

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2.  International Standardization Agreements (ISA) include standards and related publications from several International Treaty Organizations, to include ASIC (Air Standards, Advisory Pubs, and Info Pubs); ABCA (standards, publications, Quadripartite Standardization Agreements (QSTAGs) and Advisory Publications (QAPs)); CCEB (Allied Communications Publications (ACP) and supplements); AUSCANNZUKUS (Handbooks); and NATO (standards, STANAGs, STANRECs).

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3.  Voluntary standards developed by non-Government standards bodies include documents developed by nationally and internationally recognized technical, professional, and industry associations and societies. These standards are developed on a collaborative, consensus basis, sometimes with participation by DoD or other federal employees. Following the procedures in Appendix 3 of DoD 4120.24-M, DoD Preparing Activities have adopted over 9300 standards prepared by 108 NGS bodies (NGSBs). The DoD Adoption Notices are available from any of the ASSIST applications, as well as some basic information about the standards and a link to the preparing organization or a designated vendor that can provide the full text standard. Sometimes the documents are available in electronic format and may be downloaded directly from the developer's website, either for free or after purchasing with a credit card.
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4.  Other Government Agency technical standards, such as:

Department of Energy Technical Standards External Link,
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Flight Standards External Link, and
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Technical Standards External Link.
5.  Federal, DoD, Military Department, and Defense Agency regulatory and other publications and forms.  Most of these are available from the responsible organization's website. The DSP website has compiled a comprehensive list of these websites, each of which has further links that may lead to what you seek.
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