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<November 2014>
Defense Standardization Program Journal
(Please send all comments on the DSP Journal to the DSP Editor:)
Listed below are the most recent issues of the Defense Standardization Program Journal.
DSP Journal, January/March 2014 (PDF, 1.18 MB) Qualification and Conformity Assesment (Jan/Mar 2014) ...
DSP Journal, July/September 2013 (PDF, 3,198 KB) Counterfeits(Oct/Dec 2013)
DSP Journal, July/September 2013 (PDF, 3,198 KB) Interoperability (July/Sept 2013)
DSP Journal, Apr/Jun 2013 (PDF, 3,198 KB) Standardization Stars (Apr/Jun 2013)
DSP Journal, Jan/Mar 2013 (PDF, 2,795 KB) Biometrics Standardization (Jan/Mar 2013)
DSP Journal, Oct/Dec 2012 (PDF, 1,070 KB) Non-Government Standardization (Oct/Dec 2012)
A limited number of copies of each edition of the DSP Journal are printed for distribution to selected recipients. If you want to be added to the distribution list, please use the contact form. Be sure to indicate that you wish to subscribe to the DSP Journal, and include the complete mailing address of where you would like the subscription sent.

DSPO often has extra copies of each of the most recent issues, and we still have a few copies left of the 50th Anniversary Issue. To request copies, please use the contact form. Indicate which issue (or issues) you wish to receive, and be sure to include a complete mailing address.

Back issues of the DSP Journal, DSP Journal Update, and The Standardization Newsletter (dating to the start of the MilSpec Reform initiative in June 1994), may also be downloaded from the DSP Archives.
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