SD-25 GIDEP Operating Policies and Procedures Now Available

By | November 09, 2023

SD-25 GIDEP Operating Policies & Procedures   (Related Link)




The new SD-25 sets a basis of awareness and knowledge across a broad audience regardless of prior exposure to GIDEP. Although GIDEP has many complexities and unique elements, this document lays the core foundation through the common framework and associated details in the appendices to expand audience comprehension of the common good.

This common framework is new content even to the experienced GIDEP audience. The common framework establishes a foundation at the core of the policies and procedures explaining the “why” or “so what.”

The policies and procedures in the appendices follow the same structure as the common framework. These appendices provide the next level of detail, including additional knowledge, rules, or steps for interacting or participating with GIDEP.

This guidance will help the GIDEP community to accomplish the mission of GIDEP; to foster technical information sharing among government agencies and their industry partners to increase systems’ safety, reliability, and readiness and reduce systems’ development, production, and ownership costs.

Success with Standardization
The following case studies are examples of the ingenuity and effort that the defense standardization community put in to develop and use common specifications and standards to provide support to the warfighter.