Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions about Locating and Ordering Documents are listed below.


Locating and Ordering Documents

Q: Where can I find DoD Directives and Instructions?
A: You may download DoD directives, instructions, manuals, pubs, forms, and other issuances from the Official DoD Issuances website sponsored by Washington Headquarters Services. Once you locate an issuance, you can often download it in one of several different formats.

Q: Where can I get a listing of military specifications and standards?
A: Defense and federal specifications and standards, DoD adopted non-Government standards (NGS), and many other types of Defense Standardization Program (DSP) documents are indexed in the official DoD ASSIST database. You can also search the database by using the publicly accessible Quick Search website. Although Quick Search does not require users to register, to use ASSIST you must first request a user ID and password by completing the online registration form, which may be accessed by clicking on the "Not registered?" link just below and to the left of the [Logon] button. You will receive your user account in one E-mail, and a temporary password in another. Both messages usually arrive within 24 hours or less, but occasionally, because of holidays or other issues, the process may take longer. If you encounter problems with registration, please phone the ASSIST-Help Desk, (215) 697-6396, between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm EST (business days only). To report problems with any other ASSIST application, please use the ASSIST Feedback tool. Both websites let users download copies of DSP documents; however, only the DoD Adoption Notice for an NGS may be downloaded. ASSIST also lets users generate many useful reports, to include lists of documents tailored to a variety of user-selected search parameters. ASSIST also serves as a portal that allows authorized Standardization Management Activity personnel access to specialized administrative modules for lifecycle management of assisgned DSP documents.

Q: I already have an ASSIST account, but I have forgotten my password? Should I register for a new account?
A: No, if you have an account ID but cannot remember your password, click on the Password link just below the [Reset] button on the ASSIST login screen. Follow the prompts to enter your account ID and E-mail address. (Note: this will be the E-mail address you used to establish your account, unless you later updated your E-mail address in your ASSIST user profile.) The system will send you an E-mail message with a new temporary password. When you first log on, you will be prompted to change your password in your ASSIST user profile. If you cannot remember your Account ID, then click on the Account ID link just below and to the right of the [Reset] button on the ASSIST login screen. Please note that, if you have forgotten both your account ID and password, you'll first need to retrieve your account ID and then you may use it to reset your password.

Q: I already have an ASSIST account and password, but my account doesn’t work. Should I register for a new account?
A: It's possible you may have forgotten your password. If so, please follow the instructions given in the answer to the preceding question. If, however, you have not logged onto ASSIST in the last 12 months, your account may be inactive and you will need to contact the ASSIST-Help Desk, (215) 697-6396, between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm EST (business days only) for assistance in reactivating your account.