Accessing Defense Standardization Program (DSP) Documents


Before hunting down information on the internet, it is important for you to know that ASSIST is the official source for the most current defense standardization documents. The ASSIST, formerly known as Acquisition Streamlining and Standardization Information System, is a web-based application that serves as the DoD’s official source for DSP documents developed, maintained, and used by DoD. It identifies approved defense and federal standardization documents, adopted non-government standards (NGS), and U.S. ratified materiel international standardization agreements (ISAs). ASSIST also serves as a portal to, and is closely integrated with, the Qualified Products Database (QPD), which is the official DoD site for identifying parts and sources approved by DoD qualifying activities.

ASSIST is a critical DoD application that houses requirements, documents cited in defense acquisitions for the development, acquisition, and logistic support of systems and equipment used by the DoD.  We recommend users of DSP documents register for an ASSIST account to gain access to full functionality of the system. Based on their roles and privileges, registered ASSIST users may perform the following actions and more:

  • search for DSP documents
  • identify DoD points of contact for documents
  • generate standard or custom reports
  • download DSP documents based in accordance with distribution statements
  • establish profiles to receive customized e-mail alerts when an action is taken on a document

There is no cost associated with registering for an ASSIST account or to access its data and information.  Need more information about ASSIST? Visit ASSIST at