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ASSIST Training on Document Coordination February 21, 2019 — The Defense Standardization Program will host two webinars on the ASSIST document coordination module on Tuesday, April 23 and May 7, 2019. MORE

Upcoming training on NATO standardization February 21, 2019 — In 2019, NATO is scheduled to host several courses to help custodians, subject matter experts and operators understand the procedures for the development, production and maintenance of NATO standardization documents. MORE

Spring 2019 PMWG Meeting to be held in Orlando December 6, 2018 — The Parts Standardization and Management Working Group (PMWG) meeting will be held on 19-21 March 2019 in Orlando, Florida. Participation is by invitation only. Please call the Parts Management Program Manager at 571-363-8630 for more details. MORE

An Approach to Resolving DMSMS: How a NAVSUP WSS Program Saved over $100M

Naval weapon systems inherently face DMSMS issues on a daily basis. To establish a "best practice", the NAVSUP WSS Item Improvement Program was created.

An Approach to Resolving DMSMS: How a NAVSUP WSS Program Saved over $100M

DMSMS Management: After Years of Evolution, There's Still Room for Improvement

DMSMS management should be carried out in a risk-based, proactive way. Monitoring should focus on the critical items most susceptible to obsolescence.

DMSMS Management:  After Years of Evolution, There's Still Room for Improvement

SC14: International Space Standards

In the early 1990's, leadership in international space standards extended into the International Organization for Standardization with the creation of a committee for space systems and operations.

SC14: International Space Standards

AIAA and Space Standards

A reflection on the role of open standards to measure the maturity of the industry, its actors, and markets as the space industry approaches its 60th anniversary of spaceflight.

AIAA and Space Standards
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