Achievement Awards

Since 1987, the Defense Standardization Program Office (DSPO) has honored individuals and organizations of the military departments and defense agencies who achieved, during the prior fiscal year, significant improvements in interoperability, cost reduction, quality, reliability, and readiness through standardization.

The nomination guidelines have changed over the years to emphasize specific programs or to recognize those who best implement new policy initiatives. For example, the 1990 awards recognized special achievements in acquisition streamlining, while later in that decade awards honored those who best implemented military specification reform objectives. In fiscal year 2000, a "Distinguished Achievement" award was added, which includes a special crystal trophy. Collectively, over the years, DSP award recipients have brought about operational improvements, enhanced safety for DoD personnel around the world, and avoided billions of dollars in costs.

Nomination Information

Nominations should be submitted by Standardization Executives and/or Departmental Standardization Offices (DepSO). Nominees must submit a completed nomination form, and information concerning the standardization initiative that should receive reorganization.


DoD civilian and military personnel are considered eligible for an award. All nominees must meet the requirements set forth in DODI 1400.25, sub-chapter 451.

Previous Award Recipients

For a list of previous recipients, please see below. Awards are grouped by submission year.

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