1990 DSP Achievement Award Recipients

Individual Achievement Award Winners

  • Army -- Mr. A. F. DeSantolo
  • Navy -- Mr. Larry W. Weaver
  • Air Force -- Mr. Joseph B. Brauer
  • DLA -- Mrs. Beth Ann Lemm

Organizational Achievement Award Winners

  • Army -- Technical Data Management Division, U.S. Army Missile Command
  • Navy -- Next Generation Computer Resources Program Office and its supporting Laboratories, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command
  • Air Force -- Office of the Air Force Deputy for Avionics Control, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
  • DLA -- Technical Services Branch, Technical Operations Division, Directorate of Medical Materiel, Defense Personnel Support, Center

Acquisition Streamlining Program Award Winners

  • Army Individual -- Mr. Ross Aboff
  • Army Program Manager -- LTC Willie B. Nance, Jr., USA, U.S. Army TOW Project Office
  • Army Program Office -- Army Pershing Reuse Team, Pershing Project Office
  • Army Field Command -- Directorate of Engineering, U.S. Army Tank Automotive Command
  • Navy Individual -- Mr. James M. McGinn, Naval Air Systems Command
  • Navy Program Manager -- CDR Gwilym H. Jenkins, Jr., SC, USN, Naval Supply Center, Jacksonville
  • Navy Program Office -- Intelligence Systems Program Office, U.S. Marine Corps Research, Development, and Acquisition Command
  • Navy Field Command -- Navy Regional Contracting Center, Philadelphia
  • Air Force Individual -- Lt Col Pamela R. Casey, USAF, Electronic Systems Division
  • Air Force Program Manager -- Brig Gen James A. Fain, Jr., USAF, Advanced Tactical Fighter System Program Office, Aeronautical Systems Division
  • Air Force Program Office -- Combat Edge Program Office, Human Systems Division, Brooks AFB, Texas
  • Air Force Contractor -- General Telephone Equipment, Government Systems Corporation
  • DLA Individual -- Mr. Robert L. Molino, Acquisition Management, Planning, and Support, Defense Personnel Support Center
  • DLA Field Command -- the Defense Personnel Support Center