1991 DSP Achievement Award Recipients


Individual Achievement Award Winners

  • Army -- Maurice (Mario) Lepera, Belvoir Research, Development, and Engineering Center
  • Air Force -- Wiley J. Robinson, Aeronautical Systems Division, AF Seek Eagle Office
  • DLA -- Diana Burton, Defense Personnel Support Center, Clothing and Textiles Directorate, Technical Operations Division, Document Preparation Branch

Organizational Achievement Award Winners

  • Army -- The Standardization and Parts Control Branch, Reliability, Logistics and Standardization Division, Electronics Technology and Devices Laboratory, U. S. Army Laboratory Command
  • Navy -- The Combat Systems Support Group (SEA 06K2), Naval Sea Systems Command
  • Air Force -- The Microelectronics Reliability Division, Electromagnetics and Reliability Directorate, Rome Laboratory
  • DLA -- The Acquisition Management Planning and Support Directorate, Defense Personnel Support Center
  • OSD Activity -- DoD Joint Packaging Coordinating Group