1989 DSP Achievement Award Recipients

Individual Achievement Award Winners

  • Army -- Herbert W. Egbert, U.S. Army Developmental Test Command
  • Air Force -- George J. Thielen, HQ Aeronautical Systems Division (AFSC) Directorate of Systems Engineering, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
  • DLA -- David E. Moore, Circuit Devices Division, Directorate of Engineering & Standardization, Defense Electronics Supply Center

Organizational Achievement Award Winners

  • Army -- U.S. Army Missile Command Standardization Division
  • Navy -- Eileen Foy, Jill Meredith, and Catherine Applegate, Naval Air Engineering Center
  • Navy -- Naval Sea Systems Command DoD Standardization Program and Documents Division
  • Air Force -- Packaging and Transportation Division of the Air-to-Surface Ballistic Weapons System Program Office, Munitions Systems Division, Eglin AFB, FL
  • DLA -- Directorate of Engineering & Standardization, Defense Industrial Supply Center