1994 DSP Achievement Award Recipients


Individual Achievement Award Winners

  • Army -- Mr. Don Kosco, HQ, Army Materiel Command; Mr. Lee Gray, U. S. Army Missile Command; and Mr. Ronald Kerbo, U. S. Army Missile Command
  • Navy -- Dr. Raghu Singh, Space and Naval Warfare Center; and Mr. Howard Wildman, Naval Sea Systems Command
  • Air Force -- Lieutenant Jerold E. Fenner, Armstrong Laboratory, Air Force Material Command
  • DLA -- Mr. J. Hugh Russell, Defense General Supply Center

Team Achievement Award Winners

  • Army -- the Tank Automotive Research, Development, Engineering Center, U.S. Army Tank Automotive Command
  • Air Force -- the Materiel Systems Center, Wright Patterson AFB
  • DLA -- the Defense Construction Supply Center
  • Joint -- the Joint Logistics Commanders, Joint Policy Coordinating Group on Computer Resources Management