2002 DSP Achievement Award Recipients


Distinguished Achievement Award Winner

Army -- Mr. Martin L. Snyder, Tank-Automotive Command

Individual Achievement Award Winners

  • The Advanced Multiplex Test System (AMTS): Army -- Kenneth Capalongo and Lisa Russo ARINC -- Gerard Boyan Aspen Consulting, Inc. -- John Klubnick, Sr. and John Lippert, Sr.
  • The NATO Specialist Team for STANAG 4586: Navy -- Stephen Daniel BAE Systems -- George Halak
  • The Joint Team for Access to Non-Government Standards for Architects and Engineers: Army -- Bob Billmyre Navy -- R. David Curfman, Richard Paradis, and Maria Swift Air Force -- Larry Spangler
  • The Air Force and Navy Team for MIL Handbook 516: Navy -- Susan DeGuzman and Robert Hanley Air Force -- Susan Breslin, Fernando Falasca, and Robert FitzHarris
  • The Common Munitions Built-In Test Reprogramming Equipment (CMBRE) Team: Navy -- Raymond Holden Air Force -- Greg Cannigton, Rick Foulk, MSgt G. B. Thomas, and Margaret Villagran
  • DLA -- Abdonasser Abdouni, Defense Supply Center Columbus