2006 DSP Achievement Award Recipients

  • 2006 Awards

Distinguished Achievement Award Winner

Army (LOGSA) -- James Colson

Standardization Achievement Award Winners

  • Air Force (AFMC) -- Dr. B. Jon Klauenberg
  • Army (ARDEC) -- 155mm Howitzer and Ammunition Interoperability Program Team
    Team members honored include:
    Russell Fiscella, Ralph Favale, James Rutkowski, James Bendick and Douglas Brown
  • Army (CECOM) -- I2WD Common Army Air Defense Interrogator Team
    Team Members honored include:
    Steve Haught, Billie Thomas, Dave Seliga, Cecilia Black and Ed Seamans
  • Navy (NAVSEA) -- Testing, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment Program Team
    Team members honored include:
    Ed Chergoski, Steven Makieil and Donna Morse-Eaves
  • Air Force (AFMC)-- Universal Armament Interface Team
    Team members honored include:
    Nadine Thomas, Elizabeth Jones, Oren Edwards, Lee Kashka, and Kristina Paige