2007 Achievement Award Recipients

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Distinguished Achievement Award Winner

DLA (DESC) -- Standardization of Fuels Equipment, Trainiing, and Laboratory Operations
Team members honored include:
William MacLaren, Larry Woolverton, Shawn Simon, Richard Iwanski, and James Eberhardt

Standardization Achievement Award Winners

  • Army (PEO STRI) -- James Todd
  • Navy (NAVAIR) -- DOD STARS Operational Support Facility
    Team members honored include:
    Kathi Chesser, Adam Osborne Jr., Mark Minik, Kenneth Cole, and Michael Corrigan
  • Navy (NAVAIR) -- Jack Mills
  • Air Force (AFMC) -- Aerospace Fuels Certification MIlitary Handbook
    Team members honored include:
    James Edwards, Virgil Regoli, Martin Lentz, William Likos, and Edwin Wells
  • DLA (DSCC) -- Thomas Hess
  • DLA (DSCC) and Army (CECOM) -- Improved Power Ratings for Standard Chip Resistors (MIL-PRF-55342)
    Team members honored include:
    Andrew Ernst, Jeffrey Zern, and Jeffrey Carver
  • Joint Army, Navy, Air Force, DLA, and Coast Guard Team -- Implementation of Polyurethane Antenna Gaskets to Mitigate Corrosion on DOD Aircraft
    Team members honored include:
    Ned Pruitt, Craig Matzdorf, Dick Kinzie, Steve Carr, and Larry Cornwell