Distinguished Achievement Award Winner

DISA -- Tim Sharpe

Standardization Achievement Award Winners

  • Joint Army/DLA Team -- Revision of MIL-STD-147, "Palletized Unit Loads"
    Team members honored include:
    Thomas Kozlowski, Kenneth Hill, Timothy Keller, Ann Podrasky, and Joseph Wolak
  • Army Team -- MIL-STD-3021, "Materials Deposition, Cold Spray"
    Team members honored include:
    Richard Squillacioti, Dennis Helfritch, and Victor Champagne
  • Air Force (AFMC) -- Aerospace Fuels Certification MIlitary Handbook
    Team members honored include:
    James Edwards, Virgil Regoli, Martin Lentz, William Likos, and Edwin Wells
  • Navy Team (NAVAIR) -- Virtual Tactical Bridge
    Team members honored include:
    Robert Reif, John Allen, Lance Legan, Christopher Sprague and Peter McCarthy
  • Joint Navy, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and DCMA Team -- Joint Deficiency Reporting System (JDRS)
    Team members honored include:
    Steven Hauck, William Queener, David Christy, William Duren, and William Folsom
  • Air Force Team -- MIL-STD-3027, "Performance Requirements and Testing of Body Armor"
    Team members honored include:
    Capt. Mark Mallory, Todd Turner, Timothy Staley, Madeline Istvan, and Christopher Ptachik
  • DLA -- Abdonasser Abdouni
  • DISA -- Ralph Liguori