2010 Achievement Award Recipients


Distinguished Achievement Award Winner

Joint Modular Intermodal Distribution System (JMIDS) Team -- Joint Modular Intermodal Container (JMIC) Demonstration and Development of MIL-STD-3028 Team members honored include: Douglas Chesnulovitch, Roy Smith, Jay Abernathy, John Weed, and Gary Adams

Standardization Achievement Award Winners

  • Army Team (AMC) -- Developed a Business Case for the Consolidated Procurement of Standards and Specifications Team members honored include: Tim Edwards,Gloria Miller, Paul Fritts, Barbara Bishop, and Cynthia Lee
  • Army-led Team -- Developed a New Test Standard that Cuts the Erosion of Rotor Blade Protective Materials Team members honored include: Richard Squillacioti,Marc Pepi, Lynne Pfledderer, David Stone, and Andrew Phelps
  • Navy-led Team (NAVSEA) -- Developed a Joint Counter Radio-Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Electronic Warfare (JCREW) System of Systems that will Defeat Evolving Radio-controlled IEDs Team members honored include: Mike Craft, Keith Plumadore, Bruce Strackbein,AdamWebb, and Jim Ryan
  • Larry Crane (AFMC) -- Developed a Standard or Common Code Template for Aircraft Avionics Systems
  • Beverly Wilson (DLA Land and Maritime) -- Developed and Implemented a Process to Identify and Pursue Part Standardization Opportunities
  • DLA Troop Support Team -- Developed a Process to Standardize and Streamline Subsistence Line Items of Supply Team members honored include: Catherine Capriotti, Carolyn Dempsey, John Robinson, Scott Koch, Jeffrey Nienstedt, and Carol Willey