2013 DSP Achievement Award Recipients


Standardization Achievement Award Winners

  • Revision of federal specification TT-C-490E, “Chemical Conversion Coatings and Pretreatments for Ferrous Surfaces (Base for Organic Coatings); Army Research Laboratory Team Team members honored include: Tom Braswell, Tom Considine, Chris Miller, Fred Lafferman, William Lum

  • Development of SAE International standard, SAE TA-STD-0017, “Product Support Analysis”; U.S. Army Material Command Individual honored: Kenneth Virgil

  • Environmentally Safe and Cost-Effective Cleaners - MIL-PRF-32359 and MIL-PRF-32405; Army-led, Army Research Laboratory (ARL), The Army Aviation and Missile Command, and the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Team members honored include: Richard Squillacioti, ARL, Dennis Helfritch, ARL, Wayne Ziegler, ARL, Tom Torres, NAVFAC, Leslie Hasenbein, AMCOM

  • NAVSEA Commonality Program; Naval Sea System Command Commonality Program Team members honored include: John Sofia, William Moss, Tyrone Smith, Tessa Kashuba, Dana Melvin

  • Naval Air System Command's (NAVAIR's) Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division Standards for DoD automatic test systems (ATSs); NAVAIR IPT Team members honored include: Chris Giggey, Anthony Geneva, Michael Malesich, Mukund Modi, Jennifer Fetherman

  • Navy team from NAVAIR's Naval Warfare Center Aircraft Division MIL-DTL-5624, "Turbine Fuel, Aviation, Grades JP-4 and JP-5", NAVAIR Team members honored include: Douglas Mearns, Richard Kamin, Ryan Turgeon, Carl Levandusky, Rose Webster

  • Commercial Jet Fuel Conversion Program; Air Force Petroleum Agency Team members honored include: MSgt Bradley West, SMSgt Gregory Carrow, Tracy Edmonds, Gordon Walker, Cheryl McCormick

  • MIL-DTL-8971, "Electrodes, Graphite, Spectrometric Grade; Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Aviation Team members honored include: Travis Wood, Dominique Stutts, Butch Bendl, Miguel Lopez, Crystal Klemmer, Michael Drylie