SD-22 DoD DMSMS Guidebook Now Available

By | May 31, 2022

A new version of the SD-22, DoD DMSMS Guidebook, is now available! As noted in the foreword, there are two significant changes from the 2021 version.   

The first principal change modifies DMSMS resolution types. The resolution formerly called “development of a new item or source” is split into three categories (development of a new source, design refreshment, and redevelop the item) to reflect specific situations better.

The second principal change incorporates additional best practices on interfaces among the people involved in DMSMS management, product (improvement and supportability) roadmaps, technology roadmaps, and programming and budgeting for modifications reflected by technology refreshment and technology insertion to the system.

Download SD-22, DoD DMSMS Guidebook now via ASSIST.